About John Dwyer – "Australia’s King of WOW Marketing"

John Dwyer is said to have the “Midas Touch” in the world of marketing and entertainment.

He created the acclaimed TV show “Dreams Can Come True” featuring the likes of Steven Spielberg, Princess Di, Paul Hogan and even Michael Jordan.

He’s also sold millions of dollars of different products and services in his own businesses – everything from $12 million of Bubble Gum Rugby League Cards to advertising services of his own ad agency – which he successfully sold.

His ‘Wow Marketing Ideas’ have been in hot demand at the big end of town with companies such as Westfield, Channel 9, McDonald’s, 7 Eleven, KFC, The Greater Building Society & Madura Tea all paying him big money.

However, he has also recognised the need for ‘Wow’ Marketing ideas in small and medium sized businesses.

So, he’s agreed to run an ‘Exclusive Webinar’ to showcase his ‘marketing dynamite’ & proven systems across Australia.
“Our Question Regarding Turnover Is Simply So We Might Be Able To Recommend A “Promo Format” That Would Suit Your Size Business”.

Our Research Shows That The First Thing People Want To Do After The Lockdowns…….. Is “GO ON A SHORT HOLIDAY!!”

You’re a business owner who has probably seen their life & livelihood turned upside down as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Well NOW it’s time to “BOUNCE-BACK”………BIG TIME!!

In other words, put the past behind you & MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME by implementing “clever, cost-effective” marketing tactics!

And on this webinar, you’ll be seeing “proven, direct-response” marketing ideas you can implement in your business THE VERY NEXT DAY.

One in particular is a record-breaking incentive program, where YOU offer clients A FREE AUSSIE FAMILY HOLIDAY when they spend a certain amount with you!

And the 4 Days/3 Nights Luxury Family Holiday costs you just $97………yep, pretty insane!!

Wait till you find out how easy it is for you to get your hands on this one!!

This “Holiday Incentive” concept is a valuable tool for any business, because it’s an invaluable resource that’s hard to find.

And this “Reboot Your Business” customer drawcard has been crafted specifically for businesses by one of the globe’s leading “client attraction” marketing experts, John Dwyer (JD).

He is the “marketing maestro” who has been engaged by the likes of News Ltd, Channel 9, KFC, Madura Tea, Fairfax & 7 Eleven.


And remember he’s the guy who pulled off a marketing coup by convincing Jerry Seinfeld to be spokesman for an Australian bank!

And in this 60 min short webinar, marketing expert, John Dwyer (JD), will show you HOW this incredible “client-attraction” packaged promotion can work for your business.

It’s really simple – when your customer reaches a certain “spend level”, you give them a FREE 4 Days/3 Nights Aussie Resort Holiday at the Gold Coast, Sydney, Port Douglas, Cairns, Brisbane – or other Aussie destinations! (your clients have 2 years to take their holiday).

Oh……….& the actual cost of the Holiday to you is a miniscule % of your customer’s spend!

Imagine each Holiday Giveaway costing you “less than 10%” of what your customer spends with you!

Wait till you see how mind-blowing this concept is!

On This Webinar, You'll Discover:

The simple ‘tweak’ to turn your website into a 24/7 sales machine...

so you are converting visitors into leads and “sales!”.

How to give away MASSIVE prizes like $250,000, $500,000 or even $1,000,000

to create massive buzz around your brand. And yet only pay a few thousand dollars for the privilege!

How to make sure you don’t miss out on the “social media” GOLD RUSH...

See how to get a 5x1 ROI through your ad spend on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

How John created a literal ‘traffic jam’ of people queuing up for a Melbourne based business...

without spending a cent on more advertising.

How to get free publicity in the media for your products or services

– yes, FREE!

How to implement "incentive-based" marketing into your business...

and adopt a "Happy Meal Toy" strategy of taking your prospects' eyes OFF THE PRICE!

Remember, this jaw-dropping customer drawcard incentive has been designed by the guy who Jerry Seinfeld trusted with his last advertising campaign!

(So you KNOW it must be mighty clever!!)

John Dwyer

Learn How This Sales Juggernaut Can Catapult Sales For Your Business!

JD will explain HOW you can run this jaw-dropping promo to build loyalty & smash sales records for your products and services.

You might like to crazily boost cashflow & give away the holiday when someone “pre-pays” upfront (ie: Pre-pay $1,000 upfront for your products or services & get a Free Holiday right now!)

Or you might like to reward clients with 1 Point for every $100 they spend – & when they reach 10 Points, they get their Free Holiday!

Either way, get ready for your cashflow to get a stunning lift!

Oh, JD will also explain that you get “postcode exclusivity” with this packaged promotion – so say goodbye to your competitors, they can’t compete!

If ever there’s a “game-changer” webinar you should NOT miss, it’s THIS ONE!!